Welcome to New Leaf

I’m thrilled to welcome you, and beyond excited to help your business grow. I hope your feeling relief knowing you no longer having to do it all! You can take a deep breath and get back to what you love most about your business.

Adding you as a client means New Leaf is growing, I will always treat your business as if it were my own. I’ll be here every step of the way providing you and your customers excellent customer service.

That being said, welcome to the New Leaf family! If there’s anything I can do to make our working relationship better along the way, please let me know.

What you’ll find in your welcome packet

My goal is to make this transition process as easy as possible. I know it’s a lot of information but if you would please read this packet completely, we’ll be off to a great start!

I’ll be going over a few items in this welcome packet:

  • Overview of my services

  • How I work

  • What I’ll need from you

  • Tools

  • Payment

  • Contact Information

  • Next Steps

Overview of my services



$1,000 per month

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Preliminary Setup / Social Media Audit

  • Social Media Community Management

  • Content Creation

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Contest Management

  • Monthly Analytical Reporting

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Unlimited Email Communication

  • Point Contact for all Social Media Inquires

Includes 2 platforms, each additional platform is $500

All In

S2,000 per month

Essential +

  • Custom Social Graphics

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Event Strategy

  • Email Marketing Support

Includes 2 Platforms, each additional platform is $500

A La Carte

Prices Varies

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Custom Graphic

  • Event Strategy Consultation

  • Monthly Social Media Strategy Meeting

Website Design


How I work

What to expect from me

  • I will treat your business as my own, and do all I can to help it grow!

  • You can reach reach me through email or Asana.

  • I’ll be communicating with you on an ongoing basis.

  • I will provide suggestions and solutions so you can always count on fresh ideas.

Hours of open Communication are:

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm

I will still be working on project outside of these hours, I’ve simply reserved these times so you know I’ll be able to respond to your questions/concerns within 2 hours. If you have a seasonal business I’ll provide you additional contact information in case something pops up over the weekend.

What I’ll need for you

Timely Responses - I’ll be representing you and your brand, to do this well I’ll need access to the right information. Knowing that I can count on your response will ensure we’ll have a great working relationship.

Clear Communication - Clear Communication not only gives me a good understanding of you and your brand, it will also provide me with the information I’ll need to provide you with the best service.

Trust the Process (and Me!) - If you wanting to redo your website, start monthly social media strategy sessions or hand over social media completely it’s going to be a process. Success in all these things requires time. Growing pains of movement and growth. You won’t find anyone as passionate as me when it comes to growing your business.


I adhere to a strict confidentiality code and no information will be exposed to a third party. I take your confidentiality very seriously.

  • All passwords are kept private (using the reputable & highly secure LastPass)

  • I will not access your sensitive information in public Wi-Fi’s

  • All of your personal information is kept secure within HoneyBook

Payments and Billing

Onetime Services

  • 50% must be paid upfront to secure your spot, the reminding will be due once the project is complete.

  • I will send 2 invoices, you’ll have 10 business days to complete the payment.

Monthly Services

  • I will send you a monthly invoice, you’ll have 1o business days to complete the payment.

On Boarding

  • Please insure you have had time to look over the contract and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Please add me to any accounts I’ll be running.

  • I will send you an invite to Assana, make sure take a look and let me know if you have any issues

  • Later app